Workers’ Comp Insurance For the Self-Employed in Florida

Look for the best workers comp insurance for the self-employed in Florida

To better understand the regulations regarding workers’ compensation insurance for the self-employed in Florida, you must understand the regulations Florida has on workers’ compensation insurance in general. Let’s review these regulations first.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Regulations

In Florida, the state requires every construction employer to carry workers’ compensation insurance. A single employee requires these companies to carry workers’ comp insurance. This is, in part, because construction professions are very dangerous.

Other types of companies have slightly more lenient mandates. A non-construction company that employs at least four employees must carry workers’ compensation insurance in Florida. An agriculture employer that employs six regular or twelve seasonal employees must carry workers’ compensation.

However, proprietors, partners, and subcontractors are exempt from being counted as an employee. However, subcontractors are required to carry their own workers’ compensation insurance. In Florida, construction companies are not permitted to hire independent contractors.

Workers’ Comp Insurance For the Self-Employed in FloridaWorkers Comp Insurance: For the Self-Employed

When you consider Florida’s regulations regarding workers’ compensation insurance, you can determine what they mean for the self-employed. A construction employer is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance even if they employ a single person. If you are self-employed, you need to carry workers’ compensation because you are employing a single person- yourself.

In other fields, you may not be required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. In most non-construction fields, it is not necessary. This includes agriculture. However, it may benefit you to carry it anyways. To determine whether you need to carry workers’ compensation, you need to consider the job’s risk level. If the risk level is medium or higher, it is probably a good idea to carry this insurance.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: The Benefits

You may wonder why you need workers’ compensation insurance in Florida. The answer is simple. Like every other type of insurance, the primary benefit is to protect you from unforeseen financial expenses.

Workers’ Compensation ensures that you are protected from obscenely large medical bills. These bills could destroy your finances and blow your budget out of the water. Workers’ compensation covers the cost of these medical bills due to workplace injury. Often, this insurance will even pay you during your recovery.

Being self-employed, you are primarily responsible for anything that happens to you. That means that there will be no assistance should an injury occur that keeps you out of work or requires a hospital visit. Workers’ compensation insurance ensures you peace of mind. Call today 407-272-1976 for more information.

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