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Buy Workers Comp Insurance for Contractors in Florida

Florida contractors workers compensation insurance have specific requirements. It’s essential that you know what you need and why. At ACI, we can handle all of the hassle and leg work for you to ensure you’re fully protected.

Why Do You Need Florida Workers Comp for General Contractors?

Florida breaks up their contractors workers compensation insurance requirements into a separate categories. In this case, with one or more employees, including the owner of the business itself, you’ll need to have workers compensation insurance.
Further, there’s the issue of contractors and sub-contractors. It’s up to the contractor to ensure that the sub-contractor is correctly paid. For instance, do you put them under 1099 or W-2 status? It is not up to the business owner to decide who is and who is not. It is the IRS rules that determine that. Do not get caught by the IRS or the division of workers comp fraud. That is ugly. Fines, penalties, possible jail time. At ACI, we can put you in touch with specialists that will tell you if the way you pay is legal or not.
Imagine if a worker gets hurt. He is employed as a 1099 independent contractor. He call Big Bad Law Firm. They find out that the worker should have been W-2 status. Oh my. Workers comp fraud. Possible jail time.Then you get sued for the amount of the injury claim. If the IRS becomes involved, Oh my. Tax evasion, fraud, possible jail time and paying back taxes, penalties and interest. Not worth it now is it?

Get Florida Contractors Workers Compensation Insurance Quotes Today

Whether you own your own business, or you regularly perform contracting or sub-contracting work, don’t be caught off guard. Give us a call at 407.272.1976 and we’ll get you started with a free, no obligation quote on your workers compensation coverage.
For more information on Florida workers comp rules and regulation visit https://www.myfloridacfo.com/Division/WC/