Workers Comp Bars Florida

bars workers comp flBar and club owners need to ensure that their business is fully protected with workers comp Bars Florida.  Don’t worry, we have your back.The last thing a business owner needs is to go out of business. This is your livelihood, how your family depends on you. Imagine an employee gets injured. You do not have workers comp insurance. The employee has a back injury and contacts an attorney. The average claim amount for a back injury is $100,000. Here is how this goes down…The courts will take everything you own in your business and chances are, you will have to close you doors. If you are not incorporated or LLC, they can also take what you own personally. Boats,cars, toys, etc.

Why Do You Need Coverage?

All that fun that takes place in your bar or nightclub is likely also a scene that can easily lead to workplace injury. Bartenders and back bar staff are dealing with all types of glassware, knives, and an environment that can be both wet and slippery. If you’re crowded, which of course you hope, then the space is even tighter and hard to maneuver. That is why you need Workers Comp Insurance Bars Florida. Having the correct coverage is vital to ensuring that your business remains in tact during a potentially catastrophic time. Do not wait until it is to late. Get covered today.


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