Telemarketing Bonds

Telemarketing Bond in Florida: Professional Solicitor Surety Bond

A Florida professional solicitor surety bond, also known more simply as a telemarketing bond in Florida, is a requirement for operation of any business utilizing telemarketers or phone solicitors either to produce direct sales, find leads, conduct paid surveys and research, or anything else which falls into that realm.
The Florida professional solicitor surety bond is required by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The required amount for a telemarketing bond in Florida is $50,000.
This is required in part to provide protection and coverage for consumers against potential violations of the Florida Telemarketing Act, and other relevant telemarketing laws in Florida, while more generally protecting consumers from fraud or misrepresentation.
A professional solicitor surety bond in Florida also provides protection for federal laws and regulations, such as the Do Not Call Registry managed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
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