Buy Workers Comp Insurance for Sugarcane Farmers in Florida

Sugarcane Workers Comp FLFlorida oranges is what everyone thinks of, but Florida sugarcane is a huge industry all on its own here in the sunshine state. If you own or run your own sugar cane farm, then you’ll have to make sure that you’re meeting your workers compensation requirements. Learn more and see how we can help here.

Why Do You Need Workers Comp for Sugar Cane Farms?

Agriculture in the state of Florida is one of the largest industries, and as such, it carries unique requirements for workers compensation. It has its own thresholds and guidelines that differ from every other type of business within the state.

For sugar cane farming in Florida, you’ll need to meet agricultural requirements which indicate that you must carry workers compensation if you have six or more regular employees. In addition, you must carry workers comp if you have 12 or more seasonal employees who work for at least 30 days.

If either of these thresholds is crossed, you’ll need workers compensation. And knowing the sheer size of the sugarcane industry and its farming operations, it’s more than likely that you well exceed those figures.

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