Buy Workers Comp Insurance for Strawberry Farmers in Florida

Strawberry farming workers comp flOranges aren’t the only thing grown in Florida. One of the state’s biggest crops, after those oranges of course, are strawberries. At ACI, we have in-depth experience working across the entire agricultural industry in the state of Florida and can get you quickly and easily set up with affordable workers compensation coverage.

Why Do You Need Workers Comp for Strawberry Farms?

Regardless of the type of crop you’re growing, farming is a job which comes with a hefty portion of physical labor and strain. So whether it’s ongoing wear and tear, or a specific accident which leads to injury, you have to be able to rely upon the correct type of workers comp.

Further, the state of Florida outlines different requirements for workers compensation for agricultural businesses than any other. In this case, you must carry workers comp when you have six or more regular employees, and/or 12 or more seasonal employees who work at least 30 days in that season.

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