Plumbers workers comp flDo Not Risk Your Business Due To An Injury

Have you been considering Florida auto repair workers compensation? If so and have 4 or more employees, the law requires that you have Florida auto repair workers compensation. Just because the law states that you must have 4 or more employees does not mean you should go without coverage if you have less than 4. Your business is your livelihood. You count on the revenue to support your family. Imagine if one of your employees got hurt or worse and you don’t have coverage for that. First you’ll close the business and go bankrupt.  Additionally, you will  try to find another way to survive financially. Hence, one simple injury can negatively impact your survival. Unfortunately, there have been and will be forever employees who fake injuries.

Claiming a back or neck injury through workers comp is the same as through auto insurance. There is no way to document if the claimant is telling the truth. As a result, if you do not have Florida auto repair workers compensation and an employee fakes an injury, you are in big trouble. The average claim amount for a back or neck injury is approximately $100,000. As a result, If you’re not covered they sue your business and all that it is worth. Is it worth saving a bit of money worth the risk? What about a legitimate injury. A mechanic severs a finger. Cost, 20,000 to 30,000. If you business cannot sustain these types of blows, get covered before it is to late.

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Do not let a claim ruin your livelihood. All it takes is one. Get covered today. It is much easier to sleep at night knowing that your business is not at risk should a claim arise.

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