Where to Get a Worker’s Compensation Quote in Florida


The laws and regulations related to worker’s compensation in Florida are very strict. It’s important that you find an exceptional, and local, business to assist you in managing your worker’s compensation insurance. Selecting a smaller and local business can help you find the best offerings and obtain a more personalized experience. Worker’s compensation insurance protects […]

Workers Compensation Insurance for the Self-Employed in Florida

Workers compensation insurance is a type of insurance that provides workers with medical benefits and replaces missed earnings when injured at a jobsite. However, the worker does forfeit their right to sue their employer or job site for negligence due to the injury. In Florida, workers compensation insurance is mandatory. If a company employees more […]

What Does A PEO Service Do?

PEO, or professional employer agency, is a business entity that provides human resource functions to their clients. This co-employment relationship benefits both the PEO service and the client. The client receives exception human resource capabilities and the PEO service receives financial compensation for their services. What Does A PEO Service Do? Hiring a PEO service […]

The Best Employee Leasing Companies in Florida

workers comp florida aci insurance

An employee leasing company provides a unique service. These companies lease employees on a short and long-term basis. Typically there is a contract period. The employee will work for the client company for the length of the contract period, then they will return to the leasing company for new work. Benefits of Employee Leasing Company […]

PEO Workers Compensation Insurance: Explained

PEO Workers Compensation Insurance

It can be difficult to run a business and take care of all of the logistics as well. If you run a business and Florida and are looking to save money on workers compensation rates and not worry about that and the human resources side of things, then perhaps you should consider partnering with a […]

Workers Compensation For Those Who Are Self-Employed In Florida

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In Florida, there are several strict regulations when it comes to carrying workers compensation insurance. Understanding these regulations is imperative to running a successful and legal business. That being said, business owners who are self-employed need to look into this and understand the laws behind it. One might think that because they are only employing […]

Cheap Workers Compensation Insurance In Florida

Cheap Workers Compensation Insurance In Florida

For most companies, there are several types of insurance necessary to run their business successfully and safely. One of the most important types of insurance is workers compensation. The reason for this is because your employees are one of the biggest assets of the company and keeping them safe should be at the forefront of […]

Workers Compensation Insurance For Staffing Companies

workers comp insurance staffing companies

In any office, making sure your employees are covered in case of an accident is crucial. Workers compensation is an excellent way to ensure that you and your employees are safe and don’t come across any unexpected costs or high bills that cannot be paid. So what about staffing companies? Do they need workers compensation […]

Workers’ Comp Insurance For the Self-Employed in Florida

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To better understand the regulations regarding workers’ compensation insurance for the self-employed in Florida, you must understand the regulations Florida has on workers’ compensation insurance in general. Let’s review these regulations first. Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Regulations In Florida, the state requires every construction employer to carry workers’ compensation insurance. A single employee requires these companies […]

Professional Employer Organization in Florida

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Finding a good professional employer organization, or peo is very difficult. These companies are experts in everything that has to do with hiring and employing individuals. There are certain places that have strict rules regarding employment. Places like Florida, peo’s can assist any employer in trying to navigate through the process. What Is A PEO? […]