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Georgia Office Management Services for Small Businesses

When you started your business, you did so with the idea of providing a great service or product to people who needed it. Something that offered a real benefit or solution. You probably weren’t filled with a booming enthusiasm for handling the back office or Georgia Small Business Administrative Services that a growing business requires. Don’t worry though, ACI can step in and provide you with a seamless answer. Furthermore, there are several options available. See,now you can relax.

How We Can Help With Georgia Small Business Administrative Services

Anytime you hire additional employees, you’re doing so at great expense. Not only their salaries and benefits, but the job search itself, the training period, and more. In addition, the expense of employee turnover is even higher. Imagine if you needed to hire HR people to run your back office. The average HR employee’s annual salary is 35,000. On top of that you have to pay payroll taxes and workers comp insurance. There is a much better and more cost effective way.
Hence, with administrative services outsourcing in Georgia, you connect with a partner who can handle all of the essential tasks at a much lower cost. It’s also a more flexible solution. Your provider will be able to grow up and scale with you, or can even step back as needed without any long-term consequences or wasted investment. They can also provide with additional services as a Georgia employee leasing company. These providers are also know as Professional Employer Organizations or PEO’s. These providers take the responsibility and liability to the IRS, for payroll taxes and the State department of Revenue away from the employer. That is correct. The business owner no longer has that responsibility. Yep. They can no longer call you into their office, audit your payroll, fine and penalize you or even worse, throw you in jail. Now that is an administrative relief! Want more info, click the link above..Georgia employee leasing company.
All of this, and now you and your key employees won’t be the ones who have to scramble to try to complete all of the necessary administrative work of the office.

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When you’re ready to get started with an affordable, dependable, and hassle-free solution for PEO solutions, let ACI come to the rescue. Give us a call at 407.272.1976 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions and provide you with a free quote today.