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construction bonding

Florida Construction Bonds: Construction Bonding in Florida

Florida construction bonds are an important part of doing business, and they can be utilized in several different ways within the industry. Ultimately, with construction bonding in Florida, you’ll not only protect yourself and your business, but you’ll be offering your clientele something to ease their mind, and show them that you’re a reputable business, and that you’ll get the job completed as agreed upon.
The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation has dozens of different licensing classifications and options for the construction industry, and for a variety of contractors. Each will have their own requirements set forth in terms of the licensing procedure, and what types or amount of Florida construction bonds are required.
Generally speaking, a $100,000 bond is required by the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board.
A construction surety bond may also be obtained in various financial levels in place of an adequate credit report. Therefore, it’s a way of showing your accountability and ensuring that you can obtain your license, and satisfy both the requirements of the state and the preferences of the individuals and businesses you’re working with.
At ACI, we work with a wide range of construction bonding companies in Florida. That means that we’ll be able to get you the best rates, and the most complete coverage, all specifically tailored to your own unique needs and circumstances.
Also, be sure to learn more about our coverage for contractors liability!
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