Buy Workers Comp Insurance for Craft Distilleries in Florida

craft distillery workers comp flThe craft distilling movement is still picking up pace, and more new distilleries are opening than ever before. While you might be worried about how good your whiskey or gin tastes, you also need to be focused on the business as well. That means getting yourself in compliance and properly protected with Florida workers compensation insurance.

Why Do You Need Workers Comp for Craft Distilling?

Distilling can be loads of fun. It also carries some risk in the workplace. Consider the size and weight of the machinery you’re using. Consider that you’re boiling thousands of liters of liquid, and collecting the vapors. Consider that you have to heat that equipment with boilers. There’s risk indeed, and while nobody wants to envision a worst case scenario of a bad workplace injury, it can happen. If it does, you’ll want to be covered with proper workers comp.

Of course, all businesses with four or more regular employees are required to have Florida workers compensation coverage.

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