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Buy Workers Comp Insurance for Masons in Florida

Concrete workers and masons in the state of Florida can count on ACI to handle their needs for workers compensation, delivering a hassle-free experience with affordable prices, and ensuring you get the right protection.

Why Do You Need Workers Comp for Masonry?

Masonry and concrete work is a profession which incorporates more risk than your typical office job or desk job environment. You’re dealing with heavy objects and machinery, and you’re probably operating in a crowded construction site or similar setting. For all of these reasons, you’ll need workers comp.
Beyond that though, depending on how you’re classified you likely are required to carry workers compensation regardless. All construction businesses in the state of Florida have to carry workers comp, no matter how many employees they have.
Meanwhile, it’s up to contractors who hire sub-contractors to ensure that they’re each covered. And if not, then the sub-contractor becomes counted as an employee of the contractor in matters of workers compensation insurance and potential injuries and claims.

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