Who Needs Workers Comp in Florida?

Learn who needs workers comp in Florida the most

Workers’ compensation is regulated at a state level. This means that the laws and regulations vary from state to state. The United States does not have a single law across all states to regulate workers’ compensation. To determine whether you need to carry workers’ compensation coverage in Florida, you will have to know the laws specific to the region.

What Employers Need to Carry Workers Compensation?

Almost every employer needs to carry workers’ compensation in Florida. The laws are rigid and the regulations include the majority of businesses. The most rigid laws apply to construction employers. These employers must carry workers’ compensation no matter what. Construction employers with a single employee, including non-exempt business owners, must carry workers’ compensation.

Who Needs Workers Comp in FloridaEven non-construction employers with more than four employees need to carry workers’ compensation in Florida. The number of employees includes the number of non-exempt business owners. Agriculture employers who employ at least six regular employees must carry workers’ compensation.

If the company hires seasonally it must be carried, provided that at least twelve seasonal workers are employed. These workers must work for more than thirty days, but less than forty-five days. Once they hit forty-five days they are considered a regular employee.

Who Is Exempt From Workers Compensation?

Sole proprietors are exempt in Florida. This means that they are not considered an employee and do not count in workers’ compensation decisions in Florida. A sole proprietor is the single owner of a business. That’s why the sole proprietor is not considered an employee.

The majority of partners are exempt from being considered an employee. These partners must participate in all business decisions. Because they are exempt from being considered an employee, they are not included in workers compensation decisions.

The final employee classification exempt from workers’ compensation is a subcontractor. Any company that employees subcontractors do not need to count them towards workers’ compensation in Florida. But, these subcontractors are responsible for carrying their own worker’s compensation insurance.

As an employer, it is your duty to insure yourself and your employees through workers’ compensation. This benefit protects you and your employees from the financial issues that accompany a workplace injury. Workers’ compensation protects the company and employees from expensive medical bills. Hospital bills can be thousands of dollars. No one needs a heavy bill after suffering from a workplace injury. It also protects your company from lawsuits prompted by a workplace injury.

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