There are times when it is more beneficial to your company to lease an employee than to hire outright.  Employee leasing in Florida is handled through a contract between your company and a leasing company.  This agreement provides that the individual is an employee of both companies simultaneously but you and the leasing companies have separate responsibilities to the individual.

One of the best ways to do this is to work with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO).  Through this arrangement you can offer the employee a better benefits package and you can access the PEO for other resources as well.


Under this arrangement you and the PEO are co-employers.  You retain the right of supervision, assignments, hiring, and firing.  The PEO offers the benefits and handles HR matters.  This is not an outsourcing.  If you simply outsource, the HR company works for you and you still need to acquire all the insurance benefits.  As a co-employer the PEO offers those perks and since they are a large company, they have access to a variety of benefits packages and qualify for substantial discounted rates.

Separate Functions

Your role is that of managing the employees’ workload and generally running your business operation.  The PEO has no voice in how you operate your company.  The PEO takes on those administrative functions that you have mutually agreed to.  Generally this includes benefits package provision, but can also include payroll, tax withholding, and processing claims.

This arrangement has the advantage of you complying with all state and federal laws and providing an exceptional benefits package that should prove to attract and retain better employees.Employee Leasing in florida insurance

Human Resources

Some of the options for the Human Resources component of this arrangement include:

As an effective management team, you and your PEO can provide exceptional benefits and place your company in a better position for successful operation.

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