Quick & Affordable 2017 Florida Dealer Bond Renewal

Florida Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond Expiration Date Fast Approaching:

The Florida dealer bond expiration date is fast approaching. That means you must take action as quickly as possible to have your dealer bond renewed on time. ACI Insurance is here to help, and can you get started quickly and easily.

Florida Dealer Bond Expiration Date

For all Independent Dealers (VI) in the state of Florida, your dealer surety bond expiration date in Florida:  April 30, 2017

That’s the absolute final day, which means you need to ensure that you’re renewed and in good standing before then. You don’t want to leave anything to chance or risk having a delay or another issue mess up your surety bond.

About Dealer Bonds & Licenses

In Florida, the renewal dates for each type of dealer and dealer bond are different. They’re staggered throughout the year. That means that different people will need to mark different dates on their calendars.

But the Independent Dealers (VI) are one of the most popular types of car dealerships. As regulated by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, an Independent Dealer may buy, sell or deal in only used motor vehicles. Each dealer must have a surety bond in the amount of $25,000.This bond must be valid for a period of 12 months.

For more information on licensing requirements and the application process, view this PDF brochure from FLHSMV.Gov.

Renew your Florida Used Car Dealer Bond Today

ACI has more than a decade of experience working with Florida car dealerships. We’re dedicated to you and your cause, and will guide you through the entire process, with a unique commitment to customer service at each step.

Don’t delay, and don’t miss out!

Call John at 407.889.2612 and we’ll take care of all of the hassle and legwork for you, and ensure that you receive a fantastic deal and affordable rate on your Florida dealer bond renewal.

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