Group Dental Insurance in Florida Myths and Facts

Group Dental Insurance in Florida | Myths and Facts

group dental insurance in floridaIn Florida, group dental insurance plans are structured pretty much like medical insurance plans.  That is, they are generally either indemnity or managed care plans.  Indemnity plans usually have more dentists to choose from, but the insurance company only pays after it receives a bill.  That may mean that payment is required up front and then be reimbursed.  Managed care generally maintains its own network of providers from which to choose, so the selection is limited.  These participating dentists submit the claim saving paperwork, and frequently the out-of-pocket costs are lower.  Together these plans can be categorized as PPO, Indemnity, Indemnity with PPO, and Prepaid, and each has its own restrictions and conditions.

These are the basics.  Now for the misconceptions many people carry about dental plans:

  • One plan is like another – Not all dental plans are the same.  Just like health insurance, they cover different procedures at different rates.  Actually, if you think about it, dental coverage is not exactly insurance.  It is a plan that offers a discount on out of pocket costs.  Do your research and understand just what is provided and what is not under any given plan.  A good insurance agency will be able to provide clarification and suggestions.
  • I can choose whatever dentist I want – Well, to a point.  Some dentists are not connected to the network the coverage provides.  Sometimes dentists are “preferred providers” under the agreement.  The patient should always double check to be sure the dentist’s charges will be covered under the group plan accessed.
  • The dental office will resolve all problems – When a patient comes to a dentist for a procedure, the office staff will confirm the benefits.  Just remember that the insurance is between the patient and the insurer.  If there are any problems with the coverage or payment, the patient, not the dental staff, will need to resolve the issues.
  • My medical policy covers everything – Generally, dental coverage is a separate plan.  Health care coverage is handled through a medical plan.  Employers need to be sure their employees understand the difference.

If you are thinking about securing group dental coverage in Florida for your employees, or if you are considering changing insurers, contact us at (407) 272-1976 or through this site for a free Florida insurance quote.  Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to provide you with additional information for your participants to clear up any misunderstandings they may have about group dental coverage.

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