Buy Workers Comp Insurance for Physicians Offices in Florida

Physicians office workers comp flPhysicians and general practitioner doctors in the state of Florida should ensure they’re properly protected, and also in compliance with state regulations, when it comes to workers compensation insurance. ACI knows all of the ins and outs, and changing requirements, and is here to help by answering any questions and providing you with free, easy, no obligation quotes.

Why Do You Need Workers Comp for Your Doctor’s Office?

The majority of businesses and industries in the state of Florida are bound by a simple rule of thumb when it comes to workers compensation coverage. That is, if you have four or more full or part-time employees, then you’re required to carry the coverage.

Most physicians offices will likely fit into this classification already. However, even for those who don’t, carrying workers compensation is always a smart idea. There is both risk of injury and illness in a physician’s office, not to mention that our health professionals should always be leading the charge in terms of keeping their own employees safe. Protect your business, but also protect your employees in the way they deserve to be.

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