Florida Commercial Insurance for Limos & Stretch Limos

Commercial Insurance for Limousines in Florida

Limousines aren’t like other vehicles, are they?

They certainly look different. They hold more people at once, in different kinds of seating arrangements and styles. They’re used for different purposes. They’re driven by professional drivers, and owned by commercial companies. Of course, they handle differently on the road too, and can’t exactly maneuver as swift as sports car.

All of these are specific factors which come into play as you’re looking for commercial auto insurance in Florida designed from limousines and stretch limousines. Florida limo insurance policies are specifically designed to deal with all of the above factors, and everything else which comes into play with owning, renting and driving a limo.

There’s a different set of risk factors, a different set of things you have to watch for and guard against, and a different way in which you need to protect yourself. Really, what this means is that limousine companies don’t just need a general commercial auto policy, they need specific coverage for their limos and stretch limos.

Learn more about commercial auto insurance for limousine companies and drivers by getting in touch with ACI Insurance today. We work with dozens of the best providers, so you’ll always find the best protection, at the best and most affordable rate.

Call John today at 407.889.2612 for more information on how we can help you with Florida commercial limo insurance.

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