Finding The Best HAZMAT Trucking Insurance

How to Get The Right Coverage for Hazardous Trucking Insurance

HAZMAT trucking insurance is among the most expensive types of vehicle insurance on the market. It’s not exactly hard to figure out why, of course. It’s kind of implied in the name, the whole “hazardous materials” factor. That said, HAZMAT trucks are common and heavily depended upon for day-to-day needs for any number of businesses and industries. In fact, it’s a much longer list than most would realize at first.

The first step in the process is determining what class of hazardous material your hauling. There are different classifications in here, and correspondingly, different types of vehicles as well. Your minimum amount of coverage will vary greatly depending on the classification of risk of the material type.

There are other factors here as well, including where you’re driving the truck, and in what conditions. Is driving a HAZMAT truck in the open country the same risk as the open country over icy roads? Is it the same as busy city thoroughfares, bridges, and tunnels (when you’re not prohibited from driving in certain places to begin with, of course)?

You may never be able to eliminate the risk from HAZMAT trucking entirely. However, the correct insurance plan to lower the risk for you and your business, while still complying with all federal regulations, and any specific state regulations that may also be in place.

When you need to find the right truck insurance for HAZMAT vehicles and businesses, ACI can help you sort through the mess and find the best policy at the best price. It might be more expensive than other types of truck insurance, but that doesn’t mean you have to be relegated to paying too much. Paying just enough sounds better than that, as long as you get the correct policy that protects you in the ways that you and your business need.

Call us at 407.272.1976 today for a free quote, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have on obtaining truck insurance for HAZMAT operations.

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