Workers Compensation Insurance Florida: What Employers Must Know

If you’re an employer or small business owner in Florida, then you may be wondering about the requirements or specifications for workers’ compensation insurance. Florida businesses have to follow the regulations in place, and it’s important to be clear on the details. Use this quick guide to learn a bit more about what you absolutely must know about workers comp in Florida.

Workers Comp FL Guidelines & Regulations

One of the major differentiating points for workers compensation insurance in Florida is between the construction industry and nearly all other industries.

Any employer in the construction industry must have full workers compensation insurance. Florida stipulates that sole proprietors, partners and corporate officers are all considered employees. There are also important regulations regarding contractors, sub contractors, their employees, and the workers compensation insurance coverage of everyone involved.

Out of state construction employers with states performing work in Florida must follow all Florida regulations and rules for workers comp in Florida.

Non-construction industry employers with four of more employees must also have workers compensation insurance in Florida.

Agricultural industry employers with six or more employees, or 12 or more seasonal employees must have workers comp insurance.

Of course, all government employers, including state and local governments, have to provide workers comp as well.

Workers Comp FL Exemptions

There are also a variety of circumstances in which the owners of businesses exempt themselves from workers comp. Florida exemptions in the construction industry cost $50 each and must be renewed every two years, and may be available for corporations or LLCs. In non-construction businesses, exemptions are free but still must be renewed every two years.

Employees are never allowed to exempt out of coverage, regardless of business or industry.

Hopefully by now you know a little bit more about Florida workers’ compensation insurance coverage, and the various regulations and requirements involved.

Feel free to call ACI at 407.889.2612 to get started with workers comp. Florida businesses can save big by choosing to work with ACI. We look forward to hearing from you.

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