Workers Compensation in Florida

What would happen while on the job an employee is hurt? Let’s say that this injury led to the person being unable to work for a few months. While health insurance may be covering the medical bills, what about the day to day bills? Many people find themselves in this situation, and when it happens they often have no idea what to do. That is why workers compensation insurance is a must have for employers to carry on their employees. For employers in high risk industries, they are going to find that having this insurance is not only a relief for their employees, but it legally protects you as well.

How Workers Compensation in Florida Works

When an employer has workers compensation insurance for their business, they are ensuring that if someone were to be hurt while on the job, that person is going to have the medical care that they need, while also getting wage replacement for those days that they are unable to work. For employees, it is a huge relief. For employers, it ensures that they are not going to be sued by their employee for the injury that was sustained since everything is being taken care of.

In order for workers compensation to kick in, there simply has to be an injury that was the result of being on the job. As with any injury that occurs, a business often keeps records of what happened, the extent of the injury, and other information. This is all going to be asked for when a claim is made. In addition, the insurance will want to know the exact injuries so it can adjust how much the person is getting.

How to Find Workers Compensation in Florida for your Business

workers compensationNow that you understand how important workers compensation is to have for your business and employees, how do you go about getting this? Remember, there are various levels of protection that you are going to need, depending upon what type of industry your business runs in. For example, construction businesses often see a higher number of injuries due to the nature of their work. Therefore, they are going to carry a large workers compensation insurance policy. However, remember that a person can become injured in any line of work, even those who have desk jobs may find that an injury can happen that results in not being able to do their duty.

In addition, you have to consider how many employees you need to cover.  Legally, you need to cover all these employees to ensure there are no issues later down the line if an injury were to happen, which is something that we can work with you on.

Once you know that you need this type of insurance, talk to us. We know all the ins and outs of worker’s compensation insurance in Florida, and we know what type of levels you should be carrying to ensure that everyone is protected. We can work with you to get you set up on a plan that is going to work wonderfully with your industry and your budget. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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