When Do Florida Auto Dealer Bonds Expire?

Learn When Auto Dealer Bonds in Florida Must Be Renewed

The state of Florida has diligently divvied up their auto dealerships into a number of different license varieties. Each classification carries with it its own requirements for operation. This includes the types of insurance and bonding you’re required to have, as well as the minimum amounts of coverage.

Another one of these considerations though to keep in mind will be the renewal of your Florida auto dealer bonds. When do they expire, and what else do you need to know?

We’ll move ahead with some of the key dates in order. First up is an expiration date of April 30th for independent dealer or VI licenses. The next major date to know is September 30th. This is for both of the recreational dealer classifications, known as RU and RV dealer licenses.

Last but not least there’s a year end renewal on December 31st. This is for VF licenses, or franchise dealerships. If you’re reading this now and you’re a Florida franchise dealership with a VF license, then there’s still time to act to renew your expiring bond before it’s too late.

The staggered dates across the year may make the process seem more confusing, but as long as you know what type of license you have, and remember your specific date, then there’s nothing to worry about.

Feel free to give us a call at 407.272.1976 if you have any questions about your Florida auto dealer bonds or if you need assistance with their renewal.

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