Problems Securing Workers Comp? How to Always Get Covered & Protected in Florida

Getting Proper Workers Compensation & Commercial Insurance in Florida After Difficulty Obtaining Coverage

At ACI, we have over a decade of experience working with all types of Florida businesses and business owners. And during this time, we’ve seen it all. Circumstances can sometimes be unique, but what remains consistent is that we can always get you covered, and we’re always ready and waiting to help our clients secure the type of protection they need, whether it’s workers compensation coverage, or any type of commercial insurance in Florida.

Why are Certain Businesses Considered High Risk for Insurance?

First of all, many businesses who have been deemed “high risk” and have difficulties getting workers compensation or other types of commercial insurance coverages have done absolutely nothing wrong. Through no fault of their own, they’ve been lumped into this category, and it often has to do with either particular types of new ventures which aren’t yet fully understood in the market, or particular industries.

In the case of those new ventures, when new industries start to emerge, insurers sometimes (often) don’t grasp what they’ll be doing or how they’ll be doing it. Such disruptive businesses have gone onto become some of the driving forces of today’s modern economy, just look at Uber and ride share services, for starters.

In the latter case, industries that are often viewed as high risk and hard to cover are non-emergency medical transportation and related para-med services, and even certain types of trucking and transportation companies, as well as contractors.

Other business owners though have encountered specific circumstances which have led to them being dropped, or being unable to secure new coverage. There are also cases where insurance providers raise premiums so high that they’re effectively booting you out while not saying so.

A few such scenarios may be if there have been excessive claims against your insurance, if you have missed a number of payments on your premiums, if your coverage has repeatedly lapsed, or lapsed for an extended period of time, and on down the line from there.

At ACI, we understand that businesses don’t operate in a vacuum, and there are often bumpy roads to go down. But we’ll be there to help pick you back up. And when it comes to high risk commercial insurance in Florida, we do our best to ensure that all businesses can always get covered.

If you’ve been having difficulty securing workers compensation or commercial insurance in Florida of any type, and for any reason, then let us take up your cause. Call our office at 407.272.1976 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions and help you start moving ahead.

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