Need to Know Info to Start a Business In Florida

Starting a business in Florida may seem like a daunting process. But the good news is that it’s actually fairly straightforward, once you have the right information on hand to help you out. Right here, find a collection of the most important need to know information for how to start a business in Florida.

Fees for Starting a Business in Florida:

  • Registering a fictitious name costs $50
  • Filing a corporation costs $78.75, including filing fees, registered agent filing and certified copy
  • Filing for an LLC costs $125 including filing fees and registered agent filing.

*Note there are additional fees for various other filings, including reinstatements or changes, mergers, obtaining certified documents, and more.

Forms for Starting a Business in Florida

  • No matter what type of business structure you choose, to start a business in Florida you need to register that business with the state. Registering a corporation or LLC or any other structure has its own form.
  • You’ll also need to file forms with the IRS to obtain your Federal EIN.
  • Additionally, depending on your business and your county, you may need to file additional local paperwork to obtain business permits and/or licenses.

How do I Choose My Business Structure: LLC vs. Incorporation?

One of the most important steps of the process of how to start a business in Florida is choosing your legal entity, or business structure. There are advantages to each option, as well as the other entity types which are available. In the state of Florida, when you incorporate with an S corporation or choose an LLC, you get to avoid typical corporate taxation rates, which makes it very beneficial.

What Else do I need For How to Start a Business in Florida?

You’ll need to choose a unique name for your organization, and ensure that the name is unique and not in usage. You’ll also need to think about your needs for professional licenses, surety bonding and insurance protection. Plus, your business is going to need its own bank account as well.

It’s also important that once your business is open and running, that you follow all guidelines for filing your taxes, maintaining your business status within the status, and any potential requirements for renewals.

Of course, the best way to successfully start a business in Florida is to get some professional help and assistance. At ACI, we’ll help you with starting a business in Florida, ensure that you get setup for success, and that you follow all of the most important guidelines and requirements.

Call our office today at 407.889.2612 and let us help you when you’re ready to start a business in Florida and hit the ground running!

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