Must Know Georgia Workers Compensation Requirements

Understanding Requirements for Workers Compensation in Georgia

State by state, all across the country different regions have different requirements for workers compensation insurance. While some would think this was a national, countrywide standard, it’s handled individually and separately from coast to coast. Besides being a responsibility of the state’s government, this also makes sense to allow for differences between states in terms of their widespread industries and how business matters are handled in a given locale. For business owners in Georgia then, what are your requirements for workers compensation insurance?

As we just mentioned, many states break down their approach to workers compensation insurance by different industries. The most widespread industries, or in some cases, common and particularly high-risk industries, have different regulations applied to them. However, that’s not the case in Georgia. Instead, Georgia follows a statewide requirements system based entirely on the number of employees you have.

The key requirement for Georgia workers compensation then is your number of employees. In this case, the state has set the bar at three or more employees. It’s important to keep in mind that this includes both full-time and part-time employees. Further, the basis is “regularly employed,” which means that if you have someone leave their position and are down to two employees but are looking to go back to three, you still meet the requirement.

There are a few other specific considerations which may or may not apply to your business as well. Corporate officers count towards your total number of employees, however, they are also able to waive the coverage for themselves. Further, if you’re the sole proprietor of an LLC or similar business arrangement, you are considered the employer, and not the employee. The same goes for potential partners of an LLC or LLP business arrangement.

Hopefully this has provided you with some background, need to know information on Georgia’s workers compensation requirements. If you have any questions or you’re ready to get started with a free quote, call our office at 407.272.1976 and we’ll be happy to help.

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