How We Can Help With Garage Liability Insurance

Garage Liability Insurance in Georgia, Florida, Louisiana & Beyond

Garage liability insurance is a more far reaching type of coverage than you may realize, and more business owners are either required, or should opt, to carry this form of protection than initially meets the eye. So what exactly is garage liability insurance, how does it work, and how can we help?

To start with, garage liability insurance is a requirement for licensed automobile dealers. Depending on the state you’re in, there may be different minimum coverage levels, as well as varying specifications potentially based upon the type of license you carry.

That’s not the end of the road for individuals and businesses which need this type of protection. The rule of thumb is this—if a vehicle belonging to a customer or client is kept on your property for any period of time, and may be moved by yourself or employees of your business, whether it’s worked on or not, then garage liability is a must. Consider then that this includes a range of businesses and industries such as car washes, auto repair shops, quick lube and tire change facilities, valet parking lot services, parking garages, and many others.

It’s also important to remember that garage liability and garagekeepers insurance are not technically the same thing. Garage liability covers injury and property damage as its two key protections, while garagekeepers is what actually covers damage to the customer or client’s vehicle. Of course, we’ll help you get either or both of these policies handled.

At ACI, we can help you get the policy you need at the price you deserve, with minimal hassle and stress along the way. We help our clients with affordable garage liability insurance in Florida, as well as across the additional states we work in, including Georgia and Louisiana.

Call us today at 407.272.1976 and we’ll get you started with a free quote, or answer any other questions you may have.

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