How to Incorporate in Florida: Guide to Starting a Business in Florida

Are you looking to learn how to incorporate in Florida? Maybe you have the next brilliant surefire idea for a product or business, or you want to change your current business structure or approach. Either way, it’s important that you learn all about starting a business in Florida, so you don’t make any costly or aggravating mistakes or miscues.

Use this quick guide to learn all about incorporating in Florida.

  1. Find Your Name: The first step for incorporating in Florida is to select your name. Not only is this how your business is represented and known, but you also need to perform a search to ensure that the name isn’t already taken, or too similar to something else which is already in existence within the state.
  2. Articles of Incorporation: When you’re starting a business in Florida, you may either be considering an LLC or a corporation, amongst other business structures and forms. When you’re incorporating in Florida, you file your articles of incorporation with the Florida Department of State. A Florida incorporation service may be able to help you creating your articles, and filing them appropriately.
  3. Taxes: You need to obtain what is known as an EIN from the Federal government, which is short for Employer Identification Number. This is used for tax filing purposes, and it’s a requirement for anybody incorporating in Florida or elsewhere in the country.
  4. Licenses & Permits: When you’re starting a business in Florida, most counties require you to obtain a specific business license, permit and/or tax receipt. Depending on your business type, you may also need professional licenses for yourself, or Florida surety bonds and insurance coverage.
  5. Business Bank Accounts: Don’t forget that you’ll also need to create a business bank account to handle all of the money earned by the corporation, and all of the expenses paid out by the corporation as well. You’ll generally already need your EIN in order to obtain the business bank account in its name.

Where can I learn more about how to incorporate in Florida?

In addition to our guide here, you can also find a great deal of resources online about starting a business in Florida, including from the state’s own official websites and online presences:

  • SunBiz.Org: This official site from the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations has all of the information about forms and filing procedures, as well as e-filing, statistics and other important information and requirements.
  • More info from the Division of Corporations about starting a business in Florida and incorporating.

For quick assistance and a smooth, hassle-free experience starting a business in Florida, contact ACI today by calling 407.889.2612. We’ll show you how to incorporate in Florida and provide you all of the information, resources and guidelines you need to enjoy success with your new venture.

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