How To Find The Right Commercial Auto Insurance For Your Business

What You Need to Know About Getting the Best Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage

If you’re in the market for commercial auto insurance, then you may have already taken a quick look at the space while becoming overwhelmed at the myriad options in front of you. Fear not, we at ACI are here to help, and have the experience and expertise you can depend upon.

The first important matter that will play a role in the type of coverage you need is the industry you’re in. Those in the trucking or transportation industry have vastly different needs for their insurance than someone who owns say, a taxi company, or someone who is the owner-operator of his or her own vehicle. Then there’s the huge range of small business owners in the construction and contracting fields who may have vans or pickups or other types of vehicles which they use in and around their job sites.

All of this is to say that there’s a massive swath of industries which may need commercial auto coverage. And of course, the industry you’re in will have a huge impact on the exact type of policy you need to find.

On a related but different track is the type of vehicle that you need protected. As mentioned, it could be an 18-wheeler truck, a taxi cab, a pickup or a van. But truly, that’s only the beginning. One of the most diverse areas for commercial auto insurance is in the form of specialty vehicles. These are commercial vehicles with highly specific uses, and as a result, highly specific potential risks that need to be covered against.

Let’s take a look at just a small number of these. You have your refrigerated trucks, and your log haulers. There are HAZMAT vehicles and tow trucks. There are limousines and buses and dump trucks and non-emergency transportation vehicles. Food trucks and ice cream trucks? You bet ya. Auto transporters and gravel trucks? Of course.

If you’re driving it for your job, whatever industry you’re in or type of vehicle it is, we can get you matched with the exact right commercial auto policy to match your needs. Additional considerations then include how exactly the vehicle is being used, where and how far it’s being driven, and on down the line.

When your business needs commercial auto insurance in Florida, Georgia, or elsewhere across the country, let ACI work on your behalf. Get a free, no obligation quote on your policy at 407.272.1976.

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