Get Dealer Open Lot (DOL) Insurance in Florida

Florida Dealer Open Lot Insurance

Did you know that if you have a car dealership, you may need more than standalone garage liability insurance? Florida dealer open lot insurance, or DOL insurance, will step in where the garage liability doesn’t, providing you with maximum protection in all circumstances.

Simply put, the vehicles on your lot are exposed to all kinds of risks. A high quality dealer open lot insurance plan in Florida will protect you on all fronts.

This includes comprehensive protection, collision protection, and also fire or theft. From there, you’ll also be able to protect against damage or loss caused by weather and other specified causes. This might include hail storms, lightning, windstorm damage, earthquakes, and even vandalism.

The type of vehicles covered by your Florida DOL insurance policy will typically include your dealer inventory, including either used and/or new vehicles, as well as demonstration-only cars, and service vehicles. There’s a limit to your coverage on a per unit or per vehicle basis, as well as separate limits for vehicles off-site, including in-transit.

Don’t leave your business under-protected, and don’t wait until it’s too late. ACI Insurance works with all of the best brands and providers, which means that you’ll always find a great quote, and always fin the picture-perfect policy which is just right for you and your dealership. We also work with all types of car dealerships in Florida and their varied needs.

Call John at 407.889.2612 for a high quality and affordable Florida dealer open lot insurance quote, and for the information you need to get started today.

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