Georgia Garagekeepers Insurance: Who Needs it, and Why?

Learn About Garagekeeper & Liability Insurance in GA

Garage liability and/or garagekeepers insurance is an important form of protection for a wide range of businesses. In fact, many of our customers are at first surprised by just how many industries and forms of businesses need garagekeepers protection. Here though, you’ll learn more about what it is, who needs it, and why.

Is garage liability the same as garagekeepers?

No, and while many businesses end up getting both of these forms of protection, on their own, they are not the same.

With a garage liability insurance policy, you’ll be protected against bodily injury and property damage, collision, fire theft and vandalism, and damage from natural weather events. Vehicles which you own are covered, as are repair automobiles, tow trucks, and usage of a customer’s vehicle.

However, what is not covered, and this is the crucial part, is the customer’s vehicle itself. To coverage damage against the customer’s vehicle, you’ll need garagekeepers insurance in Georgia.

Why would you need to guard yourself against damage to a customer’s vehicle?

Let’s say you’re a repair shop or auto body shop, and the vehicle gets inadvertently damaged while it’s being repaired, or moved or stored on your property. Or, perhaps you run a parking garage and valet service. If the vehicle is damaged, then this is the policy which protects you against it.

There are a variety of different forms of garagekeeper insurance, and you’ll have some choices to consider in terms of your limits and deductibles, as well as the scope of what will be covered.

Ready to get started with affordable Georgia garagekeepers insurance? Then give John at ACI a call, at 407.889.2612.We place the needs of our clients first, and do everything we can to provide an excellent service, and a quick and easy experience, with affordable rates.

Protect yourself and your business with garage liability and garagekeeper insurance in GA today.

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