Florida Insurance for Non-Medical Emergency Transport Vehicles

Non-Emergency Medical Transport Insurance for Florida Businesses

Non-emergency medical transport vehicles and companies fill an important role for many individuals, particularly the elderly, as well as those combating major disabilities, illnesses or inhibiting physical conditions.

You need more assistance than you’ll get from a standalone taxi company. But you certainly don’t need an ambulance. You may not even be going to the doctor or hospital, but instead, need a ride around town to complete an errand or a chore.

This is where non-emergency medical transport vehicles come into play. They’re more common today than ever before.

If you own a company providing this type of service, then you need the right type of commercial insurance protection. Namely, you need a tailor-made Florida non-emergency medical transport vehicle insurance coverage plan designed just for you and your business.

Non-medical emergency transport vehicles are often similar to ambulances. They’ll be able to hold and manage individuals in wheelchairs or stretchers. That means the right kind of spacing, systems to assist individuals in and out of the vehicle, and the right safety precautions. Some non-medical emergency transport vehicles though are larger, in the shape of small busses as opposed to ambulance-sized vehicles.

All of this produces a different set of risks for your insurance policy to cover. In addition, you’ll need to ensure that you get the proper licenses and permits for your local area.

ACI Insurance is here to help. Give John a call at 407.889.2612 and we’ll provide you with the assistance you need, and help you get started with an affordable quote for non-emergency medical transport insurance in Florida today.

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