Different Types of Florida Commercial Auto Insurance

Many business owners and other individuals are confused at the huge array of different types of Florida commercial auto insurance. Policies and coverage can differ greatly, and while some may be required, others may be optional. Plus, there are different plans in place for all kinds of different business options and industries. Here, you’ll learn more about the different types of Florida commercial auto insurance.

First, let’s discuss some of the key types of coverage:

  • Body injury liability – Covers injury and death when you are at fault.
  • Property damage liability – Covers property damage caused by your vehicle.
  • Medical, no-fault & personal injury – Covers medical expenses for the driver and passengers of your vehicle.
  • Uninsured motorist – Covers your injuries and potentially property damage. Under-insured coverage typically included.
  • Comprehensive damage – Covers damage to your vehicle from theft, weather and natural events.
  • Collision – Covers your vehicle’s damage expenses in an accident.

However, those are just types of coverage for commercial auto insurance in Florida. There are also specific plans for various businesses, commercial operations, and types of vehicles, including:

  • Business automobiles for contractors, couriers or anybody using a car for business operations.
  • Commercial vans including delivery vans, cargo fans, company vans.
  • Pickup tracks for anybody who utilizes a pickup including contractors, landscapers, construction and more.
  • Commercial trucks for any kind of commercial trucking or transportation operation.
  • Box truck insurance including for-hire truckers.
  • Dump truck insurance for hauling all types of materials.
  • Tow truck insurance, may or may not include options such as on-hook towing and garage keepers insurance.

Another way to look at your options for Florida commercial auto insurance is by your general type of operation, for instance:

  • Trucking & transportation – hauling freight, home movers, all types of trucking including local or long distance.
  • Owner/operator – Specifically designed plans for owner operators.
  • Contractors – Any type of contracting for residential or commercial work.
  • Specialty trucking – Log haulers, waste haulers, transporting dirt, gravel or coal, refrigerated trucks, and all other specialty vehicles.
  • Miscellaneous businesses – Restaurant food delivery, shuttles for clients, realtors driving on the job and much more.

Ultimately, there’s an absolutely huge range of different types of commercial auto insurance in Florida. When you’re in need of assistance, then it’s time to talk with an experienced, knowledgeable company who will get you the protection you need at the price you deserve.

Call ACI Insurance at 407.889.2612 and we’ll help you get started with the best affordable Florida commercial auto insurance for your specific needs today.

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