Commercial Auto Insurance for Local Delivery Trucks

At ACI Insurance, we understand the huge array of different types of Florida commercial auto insurance. It’s something that many of our clients don’t quite understand before we start working with them. No matter what you do, and what type of business you have, there’s likely a commercial automobile insurance policy which applies. This includes for local delivery businesses, and operations which may include trucks, vans and even regular cars.

So what types of local delivery businesses and individuals may need this type of commercial auto insurance? There’s a huge range, consider:

  • Takeout food delivery services
  • Pizza delivery
  • Newspapers
  • Packages, messenger services and local couriers
  • Florists
  • Delivery of any type of goods, materials or supplies
  • And more

Local delivery insurance policies may apply to company vehicles including vans, pickups, regular automobiles, larger trucks, and other types of specialty vehicles. For instance, you may need to utilize a refrigerated truck or van to deliver certain types of food, beverage or supplies.

Plus, did you know that even if it’s not your business and you’re not using a commercial vehicle, you still may need a commercial auto policy for local delivery? This includes for certain services such as pizza delivery, other food delivery, newspaper delivery and so forth where you’re using your own car for a commercial purpose. You may be unpleasantly surprised to find at the last moment that your regular car insurance doesn’t apply.

Even if you’re driving yourself and a co-worker on the way to a meeting with a client, personal auto policies may not kick in to cover both of your medical expenses. So, it’s always important to double check what kind of current policy you have, and whether you need something additional, such as local delivery insurance in Florida.

At ACI, we’re here to help, and we always work hard to ensure that each person and business we assist gets the absolute ideal policy for their business and their unique needs. Not only will you get the perfect type of plan and protection, but we’ll get you a great price, too. By working with dozens of providers, we always find the best possible match.

Call us today at 407.889.2612 to get started. We’ll be happy to provide you with more information, answer any questions, and get you moving in the right direction for any type of commercial auto insurance, including Florida local delivery truck insurance.

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