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Florida Alcohol Liability Insurance: Host Liquor Liability Insurance Coverage

Florida host liquor liability insurance is a necessary policy for any business which manufactures, sells, serves or otherwise facilitates the usage of alcohol. Therefore, it applies to more businesses than many people realize.
Not only that, but alcohol liability insurance always needs to be purchased separately, or added onto an existing commercial liability policy. Many businesses make the incorrect assumption that it’s already included with their coverage, and then are in major financial trouble when they realize that they don’t have any liquor liability coverage at all.
In addition, it’s important to know what a host liquor liability insurance in Florida policy will cover. Another incorrect assumption is that it’s all about drunk driving and car accidents. Well, the majority of claims are for assault and battery. You also want to find a comprehensive plan that includes legal defense costs, as well as employee coverage.
Contact us today and we’ll help you find the best Florida liquor liability insurance quote by searching through our network of dozens of providers. We can also answer any questions that you may have about Florida alcohol liability insurance and what it does and does not cover.