Are PEO Services Different from State to State?

Working with Employee Leasing Companies in Different States

When you’re in the market for any type of business product or service, you always have to consider your local area and whether or not there are specific regulations or requirements involved. The same holds true for PEO services. But are there differences from state to state in terms of what you can receive, what you can’t, how much it costs, or other specifications?

The quick and easy answer to the question is, well, yes and no. On their surface in terms of available services, there are not differences between what you can find for Florida PEO services or California, Texas or Maine, or anywhere else in between.

There are some important differences to keep in mind though, and that has to do with the regulations that govern the actual services themselves. For instance, workers compensation insurance requirements vary from state to state, often honing in on important industries to the locale, while offering different mandates for employee minimums before holding workers comp, and so forth. Therefore, what you’re able to receive and how much it costs depends not on the PEO service provider themselves, but on the state you’re in and what they can offer in turn.

The same holds for any other area that’s regulated on a statewide basis. Your state may have laws in place regarding very specific human resources or payroll matters, or even employee benefits. The key is always to know what your state requires and/or forbids, and even more importantly in this case, to be sure you work with an experienced provider in your state who knows the ins and outs.

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