5 Tips to Get the Best Surety Bonds in Florida

If you have a professional license, or run a business, then it’s likely that you need a Florida surety bond. But what do you need to do to get started, and what else is there to know?

Use these tips to help avoid potentially costly or aggravating miscues and mistakes, and get the business surety bond in Florida that will protect you and ensure that your business, or your career, can thrive.

  1. Know What You Need: Do your research ahead of time to know what type of Florida surety bond you need. You may be surprised to see how many different types of surety bonds are available, along with the various requirements and differences between them. Knowing the details first will save you hassle down the road.
  2. Work With the Right Broker or Agent: When you’re shopping for a surety bond, Florida companies and individuals should be first making sure you get the correct coverage, while looking out for your own best interests, and charging you a reasonable rate. The best agents will work with many different surety bond companies, helping you to find quality protection and prices.
  3. Deadlines, Paperwork & Fees: Surety bonds in Florida have different deadlines for when they expire, and it’s crucial that you complete all of the appropriate paperwork on time, and ahead of schedule, and include all of the required or additional fees for processing. It may seem like a hassle to keep up with all of this information, but you’ll need to in order to obtain or maintain your licensing.
  4. Other Requirements: In addition to your surety bond, there are a variety of other requirements for different professions, businesses, permits and licenses. So don’t think that your Florida business bonding is all you need.
  5. Shop and Compare: You may find dozens of providers who can give you the minimum coverage level you need for your Florida surety bond. But what other types of packages, programs and protection do they offer you? How much are you paying them for the privilege? Don’t be afraid to do some shopping and comparisons before you settle on one provider or agent over another.

Clearly, the theme with all of our tips for a Florida surety bond are getting the right information and getting the right types of assistance.

At ACI, we’ll help you at every step in the process, ensure that you have the right Florida surety bond, and that you meet all of your deadlines, requirements and more. Call us at 407.889.2612 and we’ll provide you with a free consultation to help you get started with the business surety bond in Florida you need.

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