3 Must-Know Facts About Liquor Liability Insurance

What you Need to Know about Alcohol Liability Insurance and Your Business

Many business owners are confused about liquor liability insurance. Florida and Georgia business owners may have a need for this specific type of coverage, and it applies to more businesses than many individuals realize. There are several other misconceptions that it’s important to clear up as well. Here are the top 3 must-know facts about alcohol liability and your business.

Liquor Liability Insurance is Not Included with General Liability

Think that you general business liability policy protects you here? Think again. Liquor liability is almost always separate, which means you need to add it on, or get separate coverage. Many business owners learn this the hard way after an incident, which is always too late.

Liquor Liability Insurance is Not Just for Bars

Almost everyone associates alcohol liability policies with bars, and restaurants. That certainly makes sense, and it’s true.

Yet, liquor liability also applies to a very broad spectrum of other businesses and establishments, including essentially anybody who sells or serves alcohol, or anyone who facilitates its usage. In some cases, this even includes those who manufacture or distribute alcohol as well.

For example, potential business types who may need alcohol liability depending on your location will include bars, restaurants, night clubs, social and fraternal clubs, convenience stores, and liquor stores.

Liquor Liability Insurance is Not Just about DUIs

Another common association with liquor liability is that it’s really all about drunk driving and DUIs. And as with the above point, that’s true here as well. Yet, that’s not the only situation. In fact, more alcohol liability coverage cases have to do with assault and battery charges and similar circumstances, although DUIs may make larger headlines and perhaps have larger consequences.

Hopefully, with the above 3 facts and tips, you can take the steps you need in order to fully protect yourself, your business and your investment. And as always, ACI Insurance is here to help you with all of your needs for alcohol liability insurance coverage, including businesses in both Florida and Georgia.

If you have any questions about liquor liability insurance, and whether or not you need it and it applies to you, then give us a call at 407.889.2612. We’re ready to help, and we’ll work with to find a coverage which protects you with an affordable and reasonable price.

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