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Obtain a Florida Contract Bond, Bid Bond or Performance and Payment Bond

For many service providers, particularly in the construction and contractor fields, a Florida contract bond or bid bond is a necessary part of taking on new projects. It’s a way of ensuring that a project gets done as agreed upon, within the budget, time frame and specifications set forth in the agreement.

Florida contract & bid bondsMany individuals use the terms contract bond, bid bond, performance bond, and performance and payment bond, interchangeably. By and large that’s true, however, small differences may exist depending on the circumstances of a given situation.

A Florida bid bond, for instance, deals specifically with a project bidding process, and locks in a contractor to taking on that project at the price he or she placed a bid. Whereas a Florida contract bond, or Florida construction performance bond, are more generally cast upon the successful completion of a project, not solely the bid and bid price.

ACI works with dozens of different performance bond companies and providers. That means that we’ll get you the best rates, and the perfect level and variety of performance bond insurance to match your needs, and the specifications of any given job or agreement.

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